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Pakistan is Gaining More Global Cooperation

Islamabad, 12 February 2020 – more than 400 delegates have attended the first Pakistan Energy Reform Summit at Serena Hotel, Islamabad. The PERS 2020 aims to develop and foster the collaboration of Pakistan energy for both power and energy sector, it specifically discusses the major matters on renewable power, gas and LNG, and downstream investment of refining and petrochemicals. Seven keynote speakers have addressed the speaking
in the summit plenary session.

Minister of Energy (power& petroleum) H.E. Omar addressed the growing national energy demand would benefit the overseas energy investors to Pakistan as Pakistan has more than 200 million population. Chairman of Board of Investment Mr Zubair Gilani also commented on the positive business environment in Pakistan has started to rise, especially for the energy sector, he pointed the investment plan is feasible for foreign companies. Special Adviser to Prime Minister H.E. Nadeem Babar evaluated the energy reformation and energy transition in Pakistan has been the challenge which brought the new opportunities to the diverse energy mix. Pakistan would like to welcome all the energy companies of conventional and unconventional energy experts to tap the energy industry, H.E. Omar spoke.

Sindh as the prominent energy development province in Pakistan, which has natural gas, coal, Pakistan’s largest wind corridor and more than 12 hours sunshine for solar generation according to Energy Minister Sindh, the diverse energy mix and increasing power development certainly can’t be implemented without international support. Ambassador of Denmark to Pakistan H.E. Rolf has addressed the renewable energy opportunity for Pakistan in comparison with Denmark energy transformation since 1973 of Oil crisis to today the leading renewable energy country by a fundamental solid energy policy change. H.E. Rolf has pointed three possibilities to conquer transition challenges: invest in a flexible power system for variance, Maximising renewables& Minimising electricity costs for cost-effective, full implementation& stable clear framework on ARE policy for realising the policy. President of ExxonMobil’s Global LNG Market Development Mr Irtiza Sayyed has expressed the confidence of return to Pakistan LNG market since 2018, Irtiza believes Pakistan will play an important role in the global LNG market, and their plan in executing the stable energy supply in Pakistan would lead a better future for national energy demand and better energy future. Mr Bernard Dagher has represented GE to deliver the integrated grid solution in Pakistan in more than 35 years, and their ongoing contribution to Pakistan local business varied from power the Pakistani commercial airplanes, to provide complete eBop solution for 250MW of wind power and 450MW onshore wind installed.

About Energy Reform

Energy Reform is a series of international energy conference and exhibition held in emerging
markets and frontier markets, with aims of driving reinvigorate the energy and power sector in the country. By organising high-level summit, bringing global policymakers, celebrated institutions, international investors, and local developers to strength bilateral and multilateral energy projects, reach the eventual economy incensement in the country.

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